Instagram de EnviroPlaNet

Red de Investigación sobre micro- y nanopplásticos en el medio ambiente

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COST Priority

Plastics Monitoring Detection Remediation Recovery

PRIORITY is a science and technology research network focused on developing, implementing, and consolidating strategies to tackle the global challenges of micro- and nanoplastics in the environment.

PLA-NET The Plastic Network

This is a platform created in 2017 by the German Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG) and the International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change (ICWRGC) to share insights into the current (country-specific) situation, discuss related challenges and enhance collaboration opportunities in the future.

ECOTOX - Blog y noticias del grupo

Blog con noticias del grupo ECOTOX, equipo de investigación en Ecotoxicología y Contaminación Marina de la Universidad de Vigo y participante en la Red EnviroPlaNet.